Thursday, January 6, 2011

Setting up a business around the kids

We emigrated from the UK to Australia in 2008 it was a dream we had for years to do and finally we landed here leaving behind our family and friends and also secure jobs we had been in for years. We felt the move would be a better lifestyle change for both us and the children

Our son Jordan was 7 and our daughter lily-mae was just 1
Once we arrived having no family support to help out with the children it was a big shock to the system and we soon realised that my husband was going to be the only earner for a long time which was a scary thought when you are used to 2 good salaries coming into the house each month

As the weeks passed and Paul started working, I was the one who had to get out there and meet friends being out and about. I used to take the children out on walks or to the theme parks as we live very close to them all. Whilst I was walking with my daughter in her pink girly stroller I brought over with me from the UK I was being stopped by lots of people on a daily basis asking me where I had got my stroller from and I explained that I brought it from the UK there reply was you cant get anything like that over here and its beautiful.

At first I just thought oh well maybe they just weren’t looking in the right places and surly you can get a pink stroller at an affordable price. As the weeks and months went by and I was getting stopped more and more I started to think more seriously about what people were saying which led me to do lots of long hours of research and talking to mums and dads at playgroups and kindys which led me to realise that there was a gap in the market for gender coloured strollers and accessories

My research led me further into realising I should set up my own business in gender coloured strollers and accessories. I became very excited at the prospect of running a business from home and still be able to do school runs and be there for my kids on a daily basis
Then my husband got a new job which took him away for 3 weeks at a time which made it so hard to try and set up a business and still be a mom on my own doing everything,  I had to get a routine in place and become very organised too, which I did; I would drop the kids off at school and kindy come home clean do washing and other chores prepare dinners early pick up the kids have dinner sort out showers read help with homework and then put them to bed before I knew it the day was over, so I found myself working in the evening from my computer until the early hours . This went on for a long time but it seemed to be working and my dream of my own business was in sight
April 09 was when I registered the company and my first shipment of my gender coloured stroller packages arrived oct 2010 and I am now in the process of launching my new business which is called Kiddywheels pty ltd I am very proud of my achievements it took a long time to come into fruition but I never gave up and we are really happy with the products we have designed and are  looking very forward to seeing the Kiddywheels strollers all over Australia in the weeks and months to come

 My beautiful strollers are both named after my beautiful children The Angel Jordy stroller after Jordan in a Cool Vibrant Blue and the Angel Lily stroller after my daughter lily-mae in a beautiful Hot Pink.

So my message is if you have a dream or a idea don’t give up on it even if you do have small children, persevere and your dreams will come true just like mine please feel free to check out my website and my facebook page Kiddywheels Pty Ltd good luck to every wonderful mum or dad who is looking at setting up a business Go For It!!!!!.